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InternetGEO №5/2011. Космосъемка высокого разрешения vs аэросъемка

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  • Why Russian?


    Some facts

    Believe it or not, the most of graduated specialists and professionals living in ex-USSR countries do not speak English, German or French. Various polls show that only 3-5% of engineers, technical specialists or even scientists in Russia, Ukraine or Kazakhstan know English.


    Countries, age Can read, write and speak English fluently Can read English technical documentation using vocabulary or on-line translator Know German Know French, Spanish, Italian etc. Do not know any foreign language
    age 30–60
    2 % 5.5 % 0.5 % 0.5 % 91.5 %
    age 20–29
    3 % 10 % 0.5 % 0.5 % 86 %
    age 30–60
    2 % 5.5 % 0.5 % 0.5 % 91.5 %
    age 20–29
    3 % 10 % 0.5 % 1 % 85.5 %
    Byelorussia 2 % 5.5 % 0.5 % 0.5 % 91.5 %
    Kazakhstan 2 % 4 % < 0.5 % < 0.5 % 94 %
    Uzbekistan < 0.5 % 2 % < 0.5 % < 0.5 % 97.5 %
    Latvia 6 % 24 % 4.5 % 6 % 59.5 %


    This table shows the percentage of knowledge of foreign languages between engineers or technical specialists in post-soviet countries.


    This does not mean they have a low level of vocational training or professional knowledge. Quite the contrary, most of them have graduated universities and institutes. Many of them have got a deep knowledge in mathematics, physics, civil or electronics (or in geodesy, geology, land surveying, remote sensing etc.). Only the English or other foreign languages’ studying hasn’t been featured in our education system. Nowadays more and more young people in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia have better chance to study English or German. Some of them studying English in high schools or being involved in undergraduate exchange programs.

    But professional society in these countries still have been speaking mostly Russian (and in some cases national languages – Ukrainian, Kazakh, Moldavian etc.), but not English.



    Why do we pay so much attention to this problem?


    To find new customers in Russian-speaking countries, to advertise your products or services one should speak the same language to potential clients or partners. That means:

    -         your advertising must be in Russian

    -         your promo-articles in journals as well as other articles or reviews or interviews must be in Russian

    -         your catalogues must be in Russian

    -         Advertising Low of Ukraine requires that all advertising must be translated into Ukrainian.

    Some English-language magazines are distributed on trade fairs and conferences in Russia, Ukraine or Kazakhstan. Some instrument or software distributors circulate corporative journals or free newsletters. But take another look to the table to seen how many of specialists will be really read the articles and how many will just look at pictures.

    If going to make presentation at the conference or trade fair take place in ex-soviet country be sure that simultaneous translation will be provided or hire a professional interpreter (If someone from your partner-company is going to translate your presentation make sure that he/she understand all you are saying. It’s very important).



    What we do


    Our mission is a popularization of up-to-date technologies in Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and Central Asian countries as well as keeping track of the latest news and communicating new developments in geomatics, geology and surveying, and describing the most interesting projects in these areas.

    That is why we analyze a lot of information from the globe: reports, articles, reviews, catalogues, blogs. We read a lot and translate from English into Russian a lot. Translated articles, interviews, commentaries are also published in our two journals.

    So another our mission is to establish connexion between International and Russian-speaking professional societies, between You and your potential customers and partners in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Central Asia.

    We offer for you:

    -         advertisement in both our magazines;

    -         publishing promo-articles;

    -         publishing technological, scientific, review articles (with translation into Russian);

    -         interviews, your participation as experts or commentators in discussions;

    -         marketing and media support;

    -         at last, comprehensive presentation and promoting your product/instrument/service at the Russian market (and at the markets of neighboring states too).


    We are your reliable media-partner in Russian-speaking countries. 

    © 2010–2011
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