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Свежий номер журнала «ИнтернетГео» (5’2011)
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InternetGEO №5/2011. Космосъемка высокого разрешения vs аэросъемка

  • Репортаж с выставки INTERGEO-2011 и конференции пользователей Esri в России и СНГ
  • Мутные реки Подмосковья: застройка в водоохранных зонахи ее последствия
  • Свежий номер журнала «Геопрофиль» (6’2011)
    Скачать [6,04 Mb] (cкачиваний: 99)

    Геопрофиль №6/2011. Маркшейдерско-геодезические технологии на ГОКах XXI века

  • Верните нас в прошлое, там было такое прекрасное будущее!
  • 3D лазерные сканеры с увеличенной дальностью – высокая производительность при съемках карьеров
  • В Украине начала свою работу сеть референцных станций SYSTEM.NET
  • Our journals and web-portal


    Geoprofile Magazine has been publishing since 2007. It has being the first and only independent B2B in Ukraine dedicated to geodesy, surveying and mapping. In the course of time it became popular not only within Ukraine but in Russia, Byelorussia, Georgia, Moldova too.


    Geoprofile magazine is published six times a year (every 2 months).  It provides thematic articles, reviews, commentaries, interested projects descriptions with respect to geodesy, engineering and land surveying, remote sensing, GIS and CAD, geology and geotechnics.

    Volume – 56 – 64 pages.  Full-colored (CMYK) printing. А4 format. Enamel paper, 115 g/m2, glossy UW-varnished cover.


    Circulation – 2,000 – 2,400 copies. Geoprofile is distributed in Ukraine (88% of circulation), Russia (9%), other countries (3%) by subscription as well as at conferences, trade fairs etc.


    InternetGEO MagazineThe Russian and ex-USSR countries’ most read and second circulation magazine covering geodesy, engineering geology and surveying, geomatics, remote sensing, land cadastre, InternetGEO is written for and read by geoindustry professionals.

    InternetGEO carries the latest news written with authority on serious issues in a readable and non-academic format, and offers a comprehensive review of world’s best geomatics, surveying, engineering instruments and technologies. Journal also publish industry news, reports from conferences and trade fairs, and interviews with key specialists.



    Is InternetGEO a strange name for print magazine? Maybe, but it shows how great attention we pay to online professional media. Everyone can not only read print InternetGEO magazine but search a necessary article from thematic archive or find some useful information at the web-site InternetGEO. We are sure that this is the best way of online and print media co-existence.


    InternetGEO is published seven times a year (every 2 month + special issue).


    Its circulation is 3,500 – 3,700 copies. InternetGEO is distributed in Russian Federation (80% of circulation), Kazakhstan (7.5% of circulation), Ukraine (4%), Transcaucasian states (3.5%), Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria etc. Volume – 56 – 64 pages.  Full-colored (CMYK) printing. А4 format. Enamel paper, 115 g/m2, glossy UW-varnished cover.


    Geoprofile’s and InternetGEO’s rubrics:


    - geodesy

    - engineering surveying

    - engineering geology & geotechnics

    - cartography

    - remote sensing

    - GIS

    - CAD

    - land surveying and cadastre

    - pictures from the show (reports form events)

    - actual interview

    - geoprofile news

    - company profile.


    More information about our magazines, its distribution and auditory you can find in media-planes. To work successfully at markets of Russia (one of the biggest markets of equipment, instruments and geospatial data) and other ex-Soviet countries one should realize the very important thing. It concerns language and communications.


    Our web-portal

  (mirrors at in Russia, in Ukraine) is a web-portal of geomatics, surveying, geodesy, geology, land cadastre becoming more and more popular.

    Besides PDF-copies of our journals and professional news there are a lot of other useful information at this web-portal: laws, reference information, codes, companies directory, contacts of national ministries, cadastral and registration agencies, events calendar, events rating,  links to free GIS/CAD software, job search for geoprofessionals, white papers etc. Most content of the is in Russian, but some laws and reference information is given on Ukrainian, Kazakh and other national languages. 

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